Enjoy this collection of lectures and videos from the Deciphering Secrets series of Massive Open Online Courses. They include historical lectures about ancient, medieval, and early modern Spain; overviews of medieval manuscripts and archives; presentations by museum curators and material culture experts; and paleography trainings.

Historical Lectures about Spain

Roman Hispania(201 BCE - 418 CE)

Visigothic Spain<br /> (418 – 711 CE)

Islamic Conquest & Settlement<br /> of Spain<br /> (711-756 CE)

Islamic al-Andalus:<br /> The Umayyad Dynasty<br /> (756 – 1061 CE)

Resurgent Christian Kingdoms<br /> in Spain (711-1212 CE)

Catholic Spain and the Nasrids<br /> (1212-1502)

Medieval Manuscripts and Archives

Introduction to the Archivo Historico de la Nobleza<br /> (Toledo)

Introduction to the Archivo Municipal de Toledo and Its "Secret Archive"

Treasures of the Archive of the Cathedral of Burgos

Museums and Material Culture

An Introduction to the Museo Sefardi (Toledo, Spain)

Welcome to the Museo de Santa Cruz (Toledo, Spain)

Paleography Training